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"People remember best what they've learned in emotional situations. They attach memories to that emotion. That's why we all know where we were on 911."

Al Jamieson

Jamieson Media, Inc.

All decisions are based on emotion and are then justified with facts. We find the emotional center of your customer's buying decisions and add the facts they need and when they have all the facts they need, they will be the ones asking for the sale. We're story tellers and we help your customers associate a positive emotion when they hear yours.


   - objectives, we wouldn't know
what to do.
                    - priorities, we wouldn't know  what to do first.
             - deadlines we wouldn't know when to start.



The first questions we ask in formulating any communication is: "What is your objective and how will you measure your success?" We build a strategy from that discussion and map a critical path to success based on your priorities and deadlines for completion. Following that, we help you quantify your success and build your next objective.                  

      Call 316-491-5000 for a free consultation, to stop hearing crickets and start monopolizing your market. 

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